* Please note that Production/Sales will not be held responsible for any issues in relation to this Notice.
* Please ensure you read the contents of this Notice (below) in full before placing your order.


* All products are handmade. This means that every item is unique and will vary in shape, impression, color, brush strokes and texture.
* Each size given is only approximate; sizes will vary depending on the object.
* If 'all products are marked as different' individually, this means 'This product has a large margin of error.' between the different products.
Please note that all products may vary slightly, even if this is not stated explicitly in the labelling.
* Those who are unsure about this should reconsider whether this is the best purchase(s) for them.


* Shipment is due on November 4 (11/4).

   However, if the order quantity increases, it may be delayed until December 4 (12/4).
* Once delivery begins, it will be processed in the same order as the deposits have been paid.
* Ordering/manufacturing/delivery progress is continuously updated and tracked through SNS.

* There is an additional charge for shipping. We use post office EMS or SF express.

   (The cost depends on the distance and quantity of the order, but is usually between $ 15-35.)

* I will send the invoice to your PayPal account (within 24 hours of receipt of your order, Mon - Sat (excluding Sunday)).
* If you do not pay for your order within 24 hours of receiving the PayPal invoice, the order will be cancelled.
* If payment is delayed for any reason, please send an email immediately explaining the reason for the delay.  


*If you do not receive the invoice after the 24 hours period has elapsed, please e-mail or contact us by Direct Messaging us via TOiNZ's official SNS social media channels

Email :   toinz email: toinz@naver.com

Instagram, Twitter: @toinz_ceramic


* If you have any problems editing or submitting the order form, please send the contents to ‘toinz@naver.com’ instead, ensuring that you include your name and your PayPal account email.

TOiNZ 2020 summer new works pre-order form